Introducing Moringa Leaf to Baby

The midwife suggested I offer moringa leaves to the baby. She said it's one of the best things an infant can consume. So, Ahalya was introduced to the healing properties of Moringa as her 21st ingredient. Moringa leaf is best known as an excellent source of nutrition (with over 90 nutrients) and a natural energy… Continue reading Introducing Moringa Leaf to Baby

Introducing Cow Pea to Baby

Ahalya had her first taste of Cow Pea. This was her 20th ingredient. I mashed it, like I did mung beans and chickpea before, and added it to her breakfast oats. Cow peas are loaded with various types of nutrients such as fiber, protein, iron potassium and amino acids. They help prevent cancer and anemia… Continue reading Introducing Cow Pea to Baby

Introducing Papaya to Baby

I offered Ahalya Papaya for breakfast as the 19th ingredient, instead of her beloved oats and legumes. Let me start by saying that it was a struggle. After the first spoonful that was suspiciously received and pushed out, she held the next spoonful by its nape, smelt it and looked at it with an odd… Continue reading Introducing Papaya to Baby

Introducing Chicken to Baby

I introduced Ahalya to chicken today; this was her 18th ingredient. I bought organic chicken and cut it into small pieces, boiled it and stored it in the freezer for later use. For her lunch today, I thawed and reheated a piece and crumbled it by hand and added it to her rice and vege… Continue reading Introducing Chicken to Baby

Introducing Pear to Baby

The 17th ingredient I offered Ahalya is pear. I peeled, cored, cooked and mashed the fruit but its consistency was a little too runny for her. She ate it but not for long because if was just too liquid-like to be fed. Next time, I think I'd add banana and try serving it a little… Continue reading Introducing Pear to Baby

Introducing Carrot to Baby

Ahalya is not doing too great because of a cold. So I didn't offer her potato mash and butter tonight because I thought it was a little too heavy and the nasal congestion makes pasty food hard for her to swallow. So, I boiled a carrot and puréed it with some butter for dinner (but,… Continue reading Introducing Carrot to Baby

Introducing Coconut Milk to Baby

I added coconut milk to her lunch. This I chose as the 15th ingredient Ahalya was introduced to. It was just 2 tablespoons or so and she didn't seem to mind. This was also suggested to me by the midwife because, once again, I was worried about her weight. So I looked into why coconut… Continue reading Introducing Coconut Milk to Baby

Introducing Mung Beans to Baby

I mashed mung beans and added it to her oat porridge for breakfast and that was the 14th ingredient introduced to Ahalya. I also made a little extra and stored it for tomorrow. Among so many legumes and beans, mung bean is one of the best you can offer your little ones. So, try and… Continue reading Introducing Mung Beans to Baby

Introducing Green Beans (Ranila Boga) to Baby

I added green beans or string beans to Ahalya's lunch as part of her introduction to ranila boga or green vegetables. This was her 13th ingredient to taste. Green beans are a good source of Vitamin A, K and C. It also offers the baby essential minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, manganese sodium, phosphorous… Continue reading Introducing Green Beans (Ranila Boga) to Baby