I’m one of those parents who decided to use reusable cotton nappies or cloth diapers with my new born. Because of the heat and humidity of our climate, I felt that it would be better for my baby to be dressed in cotton nappies at all times. The pros are that it is probably better for the baby as she wouldn’t be sitting in her pee or poo for longer, as is the case with disposable diapers. It also lets baby’s skin ‘breathe’ better and is better for the environment. But laundering reusable nappies also means a lot of water, and detergent (this can’t be good for the planet either). It also means a lot of effort washing, drying, ironing and restocking. Because the nights tend to get particularly chaotic and because the aircon is switched on at a safe 27 degrees, I’m going to switch to disposable diapers in the night. Will post my experience with them soon enough.

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