If you’re a mom who does all of baby’s work on her own, I suggest making a changing tray for yourself. It makes baby changing mobile and organized and saves a lot of time by having everything stocked and ready. I have a bowl of cotton wool balls soaking in boiled and cooled water. A roll of kitchen towels to pat down a damp rear (it also comes in handy when you get an unexpected soiling attack!). Another bowl lined with a kitchen towel to gather cleaning waste and one or more pre-folded, reusable cotton nappies and a set of baby safety pins. Every time I use the tray to change the baby, I restock it so that it’s ready for next time. It’ll only take you a minute and saves you a lot of effort.

EDIT: this photo is missing baby’s nappy rash cream which is also a part of the mobile changing tray.

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