I need to make a confession. I hated the idea of a breastfeeding pillow before I had the baby. I didn’t want to buy some weird pillow that went around my body so that it could support my baby. What was wrong with regular pillows? Plus, women never used this sort of thing before and everyone managed fine back then! So when the baby was born I simply propped her against regular bed pillows when I fed her. It was difficult, but it seemed okay and I told myself I’d get used to it. And then I got this as a gift from my friend! The nurses at the hospital suggested I use it. I wasn’t too happy, but I gave it a go. And I was proven wrong from day 1! It made things so much easier! Not only did it support the baby, it also supported my arms and took pressure/tension away from my lower arms and shoulders. Now I am so happy I started using a feeding pillow. This one can be tied around your waist and is adjustable as you lose the pregnancy weight. It also has a pocket for my breast pads and phone (which I record my feeding times on). The material is also soft and doesn’t irritate the baby and the whole baby feeding pillow is machine-washable. This one was bought at Elegant Smockers in Colpetty. Let me know what your experiences with a feeding pillow has been. Are you for it or against it?

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