I wanted to do a review of disposable diapers against the reusable cloth nappies once I started using them; and here it is. I started baby on Huggies Snug and Dry diapers in the nights, starting two weeks ago (as soon as Ahalya hit three weeks). The good news is that because it keeps the baby dry she doesn’t wake up as often in the night. And sleeps three hours straight until I change her. The bad news is that it gave her some nappy rash initially and I had to and continue to use a lot of nappy rash cream to avoid skin irritation. It is also not eco-friendly and adds so much to your carbon footprint. The Huggies diaper leaked once in the night when I first started using it (this could also be because I wasn’t familiar with them at first) but there haven’t been any more since. Because of the heat and humid in Sri Lanka I still prefer to use cloth nappies during the day and stick to these in the night, when the air con is switched on.

EDIT: I got the original Huggies down from the US because the quality of the locally available Huggies product is appalling. But, I later switched to Velona Cuddles Diapers (manufactured in Sri Lanka) and they have been perfect; soft, light and gentle on baby’s skin. Totally recommend Cuddles for your infant.

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