Breastfeeding mommies know that your favourite feeding bra becomes your best friend in those first few months. I have three types of bras that I use while I’m feeding the baby. My favourite is the one on top. Not only does it come with insert-able and washable breast pads, this bra also unhooks while still supporting your breast. The second from the top is a sort of pull-over bra that you can literally ‘pull-over’. Although you need to use disposable feeding pads with this one, you can simply pull or peel one side out of the way for a quick feed. It’s super easy to manoeuvre because of the elasticity and design. The final bra is the only maternity bra that I could find in Sri Lanka sadly (I had to get the other two types down from the US). It was priced at approximately 3000 Rupees at Triumph and has hooks that come undone to feed. No reusable pads or elasticity. It’s 100% cotton though and is comfortable in humid weather.

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