To reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), it is recommended that you let your baby sleep on a firm, flat mattress with no pillows or soft toys and nothing but a fitted cot sheet. I put a baby Macintosh over the sheet and tuck in a large muslin square over it so that cleaning up is easy when cloth nappies/disposable diapers leak. Several studies have also linked soft sleeping surfaces, such as quilts and comforters to a higher risk of SIDS. Especially in a country like Sri Lanka you don’t need to use blankets either. If you do have the aircon on (at 26-27 degrees) at night, like I do, you can dress the baby in warmer clothes such as footed pyjamas like this which closes along the bottom to give access to changing. SIDS prevention groups also caution against using crib bumpers. There’s no evidence that bumpers prevent injuries, and they may lead to suffocation and strangulation.

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