Pumping Breast Milk (Philips Avent Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump Review)

If you’re a breastfeeding mom who plans on heading to work in a few weeks/months after baby is born, has to be away from baby for chores, needs to pump for a little preemi soon after birth or simply a mom who needs some time to herself, then you’ll probably have to invest in a breast pump. This is if you do plan on feeding you little one breast milk while you’re away or if you are combining breast with formula. I had already invested in a Philips Avent Microwave Steam Steriliser (the blue and white container I have kept the equipment on – see image) so I felt it’s better to go with the same brand when it came to pumping. Because it was economical and I was only planning on expressing milk occasionally, I tried the Avent Manual Pump first. This was a complete failure, as it took so much time and effort resulting in only a few drops of precious milk. It was then that I invested in the Plihips Avent Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump. And I LOVED it! Not only was it VERY user friendly (one stimulation mode and 3 pumping settings), expressing didn’t hurt at all (there is a soft massage cushion at the head of the pump) and I could also sit comfortably and relaxed throughout the whole process (I was told by many that I had to sit rigid and stiff to express milk – NOT WITH THIS). It also travels well because it’s compact and lightweight, and comes with a battery-operated option ideal when for you’re out with bub. Investing in an electric pump also let’s daddy in on feeding and my husband loved bonding with the baby during meals.

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