Baby Growth Spurts

My baby is going through another growth spurt. When she was 2-3 weeks old, was her first. I freaked out and didn’t know what was going on. She was fussy, cried for hours even when she was being fed, pulled off and on the breast, slept less, was irritable and cranky and very, very clingy. I think she was as bewildered as I was. None of us knew what was going on. And after rushing her to the doctor and figuring out everything was okay I started reading up on these fussy weeks of baby growth and development. My little one has gone through 3 already, at 8 weeks old. Her second growth spurt happened at 5 weeks and the next between 6-8weeks. That last one happened in two phases – one at 6-7 weeks and the next from 7-8 weeks (they usually lasted around 3-5 days, but this last one has been about a week long). We are still going through it. It is the toughest one yet. Less scary than the first 2 because I was used to it by now, but still just as exhausting and frustrating, especially when you’re holding her the whole day unable to keep her down (as soon as you do she howls and cries). I’m hoping against hope that she will stick to the usual growth spurt predictions and have the next one at 3 months. But who knows. Babyies are individuals and decide to surprise us irrespective of expert schedules all the time!

This photo was taken on one of those days when my arms were about to break. The only relief I got was from laying her down and giving her her soothie, once in a while, so that there was silence and the hope that my arms wouldn’t fall off. I still had to gently hold it close to her mouth or she’d spit it out and cry again!

To all you mummies who are going through a baby growth spurt, hang in there. This too shall pass. Just keep reminding yourself that it’s vital for their physical and psychological development and that after every phase, you’ll see that your little one has grown in size and/or picked up a new trick or two.

Growth Spurt Tip: don’t worry. You have enough milk to feed her even though it seems like you aren’t producing enough. She’s just trying to get the milk supply to increase with her growing demands and it will…

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