Co-sleeping Continues (but, we both compromised)

Remember I talked about how I co-slept when my 3 week old was taken ill? At 6 weeks, I thought it’s time she started sleeping in her cot again (it was during our co-sleeping days that she began to sleep 4-5 hours straight, at night, and formed a proper sleep-schedule at night ). Although it breaks my heart a little to see her sleep alone again, I thought it was the safest for her to get used to her cot. After many failed attempts and sleepless nights, we have both come to a compromise. She will sleep in her baby cot again, but only if I take the partition down on one side and keep it aligned with my bed, so that she is still right next to me and I can just reach over and hug her if she is startled in her sleep. Also, I had to sort of make a smaller, cosier, sleeping space for her using baby pillows and an extra baby blanket. Again, as I’ve said before, I in no way recommend letting your baby sleep this way. It is your own choice and what best works for you. It is also important to remember the risk of SIDS. But this is what has worked for us so far. Now she sleeps soundly at night with me occasionally hugging and kissing her (just for my benefit J).

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