Introducing the Bottle & Storing Brestmilk

Initially when we tried offering pumped breast milk in a bottle, our little one wasn’t too happy. She fussed cried and refused it taking only a drop or two. The second time was better, and then each day it became easier (I pumped and my husband fed her once a day, at night). It’s said that the best time to offer the bottle is between 3-5 weeks, when breastfeeding is well established but the baby isn’t yet stubbornly attached to the tit. I got my baby started on pumped milk in a Philips Avent baby bottle with a natural teat at 4 weeks. You will have to be persistent and very patient but they will soon begin to accept it. We also tried the first few days with me away from the room with daddy alone with the baby so she wouldn’t instantly cry for the comfort of the breast that is available so close by. I also found out that being well hydrated before pumping helped and the morning hours produced more milk (this was my experience). Breast milk stays fresh for 48 hours under refrigeration and for 6 hours at room temperature (always store in sterilized bottles).

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