Invest in an Infant-safe Car-seat

If you travel with your infant or baby in a vehicle with rear seat belts, then you MUST invest in a baby car-seat. It’s a matter of precaution and safety for when an accident may occur while traveling (and Sri Lanka, as we all know, offers ample opportunity for this !). while I do understand that some families may consider it a ‘luxury’ that the baby can do without, I personally think it should be among the top 3 items on your baby buy list if you can afford it (I say this because I know so many people who spend exorbitant amounts of money on baby clothes, toys and other knick-knacks without prioritizing travel-safety when it comes to their little ones. This is a convertible-seat (which also operates as a baby-carrier and stroller-attachment), so called because it converts from a rear-facing seat for babies and toddlers to a forward-facing seat for children. It’s also economical than an exclusively infant-based car-seat because you can use it for much longer.

Disclaimer: the image does not show the correct method of an infant being strapped to a car seat. We were not travelling when this image was taken. The straps should have been more tightly-fitted and snug.




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