Nasal Congestion vs. Colic

During a terrible week just recently, my baby was crying for hours, fussing at the breast and refusing to be kept down. I had to carry her and rock her in my tired arms constantly to comfort her. Everyone I spoke to told me it was colic, others suspected a growth spurt. I was asked to wait it out, power through or turn to one of the best cures for a colicky baby on the market – Infacol. These colic relief drops soothes the distress and discomfort of baby wind and griping pain. I bought it at Baby Bear in Pagoda. But before administering it, I called the pead about it. She refused to give me a go ahead, stating that the child was too young to be prescribed anything over the phone. So, I took my little one to the doctor. And we found out that she was suffering from very bad nasal congestion. I was shocked. I was so convinced that it was colic. Everyone I described the symptoms to had confirmed this. Saline nose drops prescribed by the pead made my little one feel all better in less than a week. As a concerned parent, you always want to find out what’s bothering your baby. Seeing them cry and struggle isn’t easy, so you jump to the most obvious conclusion about what must be ailing him/her, so that you can do something to ease their pain. But your best interest may not be the best for your baby. I had learnt my lesson. Always consult your child’s pedestrian before administering any medication to them. Never jump to medical conclusions regarding your infant. Always consult healthcare professionals when it comes to your baby’s health.

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