Palermo Wi-fi Baby Monitor (Review)

I am so thankful for my friends! Two of them who came down for Avurudu holidays generously offered to gift us THIS! And today, I had my first meal seated at the dining table by myself – after 6 and a half weeks. And… it was wonderful! If you’re a parent doing all of baby’s work by yourself then a baby monitor will be very useful. It’s definitely something you can do without, but having it at home makes things a lot easier. I was also able to get little chores done without having to rush into the nursery to see if baby is okay every 2 minutes (with the weather in Sri Lanka these I really can’t carry a 6 week old around the house in a sling anymore because of the very real possibility of heatstroke, prickly heat and suffocation). And when I set up the Palermo Wi-fi Baby Monitor, I could see her from anywhere in the house, on my phone. It was very easy to set up with an app called ‘YYP2P’ and I was connected in no time. This particular smart-cam comes equipped with an HD wi-fi IP surveillance camera and a two-way audio feature (you can mute sound on your side obviously). You are also able to view in the dark with infrared technology and can record/screenshot the video image (there is also an alarm option to take scheduled photos or recordings) anytime. My husband is also able to connect to the camera while he’s away from home or at work. Again, it’s something you don’t necessarily NEED when taking care of your baby, but it has already made my life a little less chaotic.

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