We Co-slept!

CONFESSION: although I posted about the safest sleeping conditions for your baby being in a cot, alone, with a fitted sheet, with no pillows or toys (and even though I practiced this for a month myself), I have to say that things have changed. In my previous post I spoke about my little one being ill for a week or two. She was in so much discomfort that she refused to leave my side during this time. Out of exhaustion and sheer desperation, I decided to co-sleep. I in no way recommend this or think it is safe for your baby. But we have been co-sleeping for the last one and a half weeks and it’s the first time she started sleeping well into the night. There is at least a 4 hour stretch where she sleeps soundly. But now since she’s better I thought it’s time for her to sleep in her cot again. She doesn’t like this at all anymore. I know, maybe it was a mistake getting her to co-sleep, but it’s the best sleep she and I have had since she was born. And she’s even beginning to stick to a routine now! But, I’m still going to keep trying to get her to sleep in her cot again, on her own. It’s for her own safety. Hopefully, it’ll work. Although, a little part of me is sad to have her sleep all alone at night. It breaks my heart a little.

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