Adaptable Baby

This I write from personal experience. But I understand fully that every baby is different and so the same approach might not work with another little one the way it did with mine.

So, during pregnancy I came across many articles that encouraged new parents to introduce their newborns to different experiences and things in the early months because they adapt better and haven’t yet developed stubborn preferences to anything. So I applied this theory to my little one. I introduced her to different diapers (we got so many as gifts and I didn’t want them to go to waste being specific about a brand), different types of wipes, I pumped and daddy fed her, her first bottle of milk at 4 weeks and she now drinks from the bottle whenever and wherever (she rejected the teat at first but we kept giving her the bottle once every night for a week and she finally accepted it), we took her out since she was two weeks (we did high tea with her, sushi dates, shopping, visits and day outs at hotels all before she’s was a month and a half old). I introduced her to every sound imaginable during the day and have breastfed her on a chair, in bed, in the car and even when we’re out. She has also been given her nighttime sponge before the last feed and sleeptim at my aunt’s place, my brother’s place, at a friend’s home, at another friend’s mothers home (the only specific thing I have stuck to adamantly since the second week is the times of her bedtime and the morning and evening bath/sponge. This way I know when she’ll sleeps at night and for how long and when she’ll nap and that routine is so, so helpful to me). So now, at 2 months-old, she’s not a very fussy baby. And is very flexible when it comes to different experiences (of course there are those off days that drive me mad). In fact, she loves them. It’s too early to say if this will help in the long run and I don’t know if she would turn out to be a picky toddler, but this approach has helped me immensely up until now and I hope it can help you too.

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