The Wonder Weeks

Remember we talked about growth spurts and when they would generally occur. Well, when Ahalya started being clingy, fussy and restless beyond the general growth spurt schedule, I was completely confused and utterly exhausted. Since 8 weeks, 6 days ago, she has been crying constantly needing to be held the whole time AGAIN. I was losing my mind trying to figure out what was going on when I was told by another mom about the Wonder Weeks (the wonder only comes at the end of each week/period, the rest of it is very tiring and overwhelming).

Understanding what these ‘weeks’ were and when they would start and end, and what the result each week would bring helped me feel somewhat hopeful and sane. The Wonder Weeks bring about leaps in your baby’s mental development creating the same kind of sleep disruption and fussiness that you see during physical growth spurts. Unlike growth spurts however they can be longer. During the Wonder Weeks your child will master major new cognitive and motor skills such as sitting and crawling. They usually take place at approximately 5 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 19 weeks, 26 weeks, 30 weeks, 37 weeks, 46 weeks, 55 weeks, 64 weeks and 75 weeks. While some of them last a few days or a week, the worse can last up to 6 weeks. But don’t worry, they too shall pass! And because reading up and finding out more about each leap will help you understand how important they are to your baby’s development, you will be motivated to practice buckets full of patience and tolerance with your little one during these times.

TIP: had a lot of useful information on this specially regarding sleep changes brought about by the Wonder Weeks.

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