Breastfeeding; look no hands!

Free! Free! My arms are finally free!!! My baby can now feed without my hands supporting her head or my breast. It was impossible to breastfeed my little girl without holding my breast away from her nose with one hand (so she wouldn’t suffocate) and the other supporting her neck in place (it wasn’t steady enough to hold a position on its own yet). But at 2 months and 3 weeks old, her head is finally bigger than my boob! And my hands are finally able to do something else while she feeds, except fall asleep with terrible pins and needles. But strangely, since my new-found arm freedom, all I want to do now is hold her while she’s cuddled up against me. All I do is hold her in my arms that are finally free to do whatever they want – now all they want to do is hold my baby who’s already growing up too fast…

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