Choosing a Hotel for your Baby Vacay

Before going on holiday with my little girl, I follow up on a few things with the hotel staff. They may also come in handy for you when travelling with an infant. Make sure that the hotel has a cot available (if you don’t co-sleep – if you do, ask for the size of their beds. That will help). Ask them also about an in-house doctor and ambulance services. I always ask for a room on the ground floor where I have access to the garden (to walk out with the baby for when she seems unsettled or fussy. It’s also safer when they start crawling). If they can accommodate it, I do request a corner room too, so that if she does throw a tantrum, it won’t disturb the guests as much. Try and discuss arranging meals to be delivered to your room if possible and ask for a few extra bottles of water. It’s also more practical and safer for your infant if you stay at hotels that don’t require trekking, boating and/or off-roading to access them. Ease of access is, to me, extremely important especially if I need to access or leave the hotel immediately, in case of an emergency.

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