Help! It’s the Drool.

It started at 2.7 weeks. Drool. Constant drool dripping down her chin onto her neck and chest. A week later, we had a saliva rash on our hands. I was constantly wiping saliva off her face and cursing all baby rashes to the depths of hell. I mean how many did I have to deal with here! We tried a lot of things but the rash wouldn’t heal. One day, I came across a post that talked about using Lanolin Nipple Cream as a barrier cream for baby spit rash. I had a few tubes left from when I first bought it to be used during breastfeeding (it really helped heal my sore nipples the first few weeks, but then they hardened to the task and I wasn’t using it anymore). So I tried my Lansinoh Ointment (100% baby safe) on baby’s chest and below her chin and the results were amazing. The rash completely disappeared in 2-3 days. I used it twice daily: after her morning wash and following her sponge bath at night. Not a thick layer but just a thin smear across her skin. And that did the trick!


PS – this particular brand however is not found for purchase in Sri Lanka, so if you do know of anyone coming down, it’ll be a great investment to make even during pregnancy.

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