Infant Travel Essentials; the checklist

When you realize that packing for a short getaway means 2 Barefoot Bags + half a carry on for baby and just half of whatever’s remaining in the carry on for me. Did my first night away with Ahalya, minus the better half. But my other better half, Shabna, was there, so all good!

It’s always great to pack for an infant keeping the most necessary items in mind, like your baby’s first aid kit, including a thermostat and anything else she might need (as prescribed by her pead). I also took with me,

  1. A few Cloth Nappies (to lay baby on when changing)
  2. A Changing Pad
  3. Diapers + Nappy Cream (if you use it).
  4. A few Baby Outfits
  5. A Macintosh and Quilt
  6. Wipes, Kitchen Towels and Cotton Wool (with a container to add boiling water to)
  7. Baby Booties
  8. Feeding Pillow and Feeding Cover
  9. 2 Rattles & 2 Cloth Toys
  10. 2 Baby Towels (one for the sink to use as a non-slip mat)
  11. Baby Lotion, Baby Bath & Baby Oil
  12. Sanitizer & Dettol
  13. 2 Bolster Pillows
  14. Baby PJs


15.The Baby Car Seat/Carrier

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