Newborn Bathtime

Bath time ends in a fluffy wipe down with lots of cuddles and giggles. I personally don’t believe that newborns require a head bath every day. Again this is my personal view and of course we each have our own way of doing things and I respect that.

In my case, what I was thinking was, if we -as adults- don’t need to wash our hair every single day (making it lose all its essential oils turning it dry and dull), then why would little babies need to? Think about it. How dirty can a newborn get that he/she needs to be washed head to toe every single day twice a day? Instead I give her warm water body wash every morning and a headbath every other morning. I do use mild baby bath when I do this (some parents would even avoid that). But in the nights I sponge her in warm water with a few drops of coconut oil added to it. And that’s how Ahali and I do bath time.

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