Passing Urine; when to freak out!

This is Ahali’s pee nappy bucket, which I didn’t care for much before (it’s the bucket that carries Ahalya’s pee nappies). That was until last Friday, when she was just above two months old. Last Friday, my little one didn’t pass urine from 3pm or so onwards until around 10pm. By the time it was around 8pm that day, I was freaking out. I couldn’t get through to our pediatrician and by this time I was calling my husband frantically every half hour or so to tell him she hasn’t peed yet. And when I started reading up mum-forums and baby sites, it was all clear about taking an infant to hospital immediately if she hasn’t passed urine in over 6-8 hours because it could be a severe urine/bladder infection, or a problem with her kidneys. I was praying, almost crying for her to pee because I was so worried. I kept her in cloth nappies the whole time because then I’d know for certain if she had. Finally when it was around 9.30-9.45pm, I opened the tap in my sink just enough for it to make that gurgling sound of running water, and held Ahalya next to it for a few minutes. And she peed. She finally peed! I never thought I could be this ecstatic over urine but here I am celebrating its flow! I was so relieved.

What I found out later was that sometimes when the weather is extremely warm, babies tend to sweat out more water and as a result won’t pee as often. And I don’t need to tell you how bad Sri Lankan weather is these days! But in any case if your baby isn’t seriously dehydrated, the urine will be a very pale yellow, as it generally is, and not concentrated. Ahalya’s was fine. But if it is ever dark yellow/orange and is passed infrequently in small quantities then it’s best to take her to the hospital or her pead as soon as possible.

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