Play Gym Time

Ahalya is 3 months old tomorrow. And it’s the perfect time to introduce her to a baby play gym. Not only do they provide entertaining distractions (that help you get little things done around the house) but also help in the physical development of your infant. This particular play gym has colourful foam arches with a play mat where the baby could lie down on, at play. Lightweight plastic and cloth toys hang from the top and they dangle and sway as the little one tries to grasp them. They also jingle and rattle as they shake, creating sounds that the baby reacts to.

As your little one develops the need to touch the interesting objects that are above her, her hand-eye coordination also develops much faster. Reaching out at a target will help your baby master control of the movement of her limbs. This way, her actions will become smoother and more controlled. In addition, interacting with her play gym will also help your child realize that their actions and movements can have an effect on her surroundings.

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