Severe Dry Skin is worrying me sick…

At her last doctor’s visit, Ahalya’s pediatrician told me that she had severe dry skin. At the time, the heat was unbearable and this probably attributed to it. I was also using the Johnson’s baby lotion which really didn’t do much.

But I was also under the impression that creams and ointments were bad for newborn skin, so I only used it once a day, sparingly. I was convinced that I shouldn’t slather layer upon layer of baby cream on her. And I didn’t. But, I was wrong.

So, once the doctor told me her skin was very dry I immediately changed this. I was worried. I switched to a Fragrance-free Sorbolene Cream. It also included Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. I think it’s helping. Although, I’m not a 100% sure. I have now used it for a week and her skin does seem healthier and smoother. That parched sort of feel has gone and it feels more hydrated to the touch. But, it could also be that I’m finally using a moisturizer on her twice a day. Anyway, I’m hoping that it will help with her skin even when it’s warm and humid again (the change in weather probably helped her skin too).

Edit – we later found out that she had eczema, but she wasn’t diagnosed at this point.

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