Sweat-induced Fungal Infections

It started around a month ago, when she was about 1.5 months old. She got a rash in the folds of her neck. I thought it was because of milk dribbling there but then she also got it on her armpits too. I knew it was because of the accumulation of sweat due to the insane heat and humidity in Sri Lanka these days. When I showed this to her pediatrician, she asked me to apply the Candacort Cream twice daily for 2 weeks. This medicinal cream contains Clotrimazole and Hydrocortisone as active ingredients, and is applied topically to treat and prevent the spread of fungal infections and the inflammation of skin. The cream works by inhibiting the growth of fungi and decreasing the number of blood cells that cause inflammation and allergy. I am still in the midst of using it and the rash has stopped spreading completely. However healing is taking time because she continues to sweat in this terrible weather and the Cancord cream itself adds moisture to the affected area (switching the air conditioner the whole day to prevent sweating gave her terrible dry skin. So did the fan at full speed). I really hope this works.

UPDATE – it did. But please refrain from self-prescribing to your infant and only use under advice and recommendation by a pediatrician.

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