Why Commercial Baby Wipes shouldn’t be a part of your everyday Baby Care Routine

Like I said in my earlier travel post, I took with me cotton wool and kitchen towels to change baby with during my stay at Jie Jie Beach by Jetwing. I also took a clean container (with a lid) to which I added boiled (then slightly cooled) water and balls of cotton wool. I used kitchen towels over the changing pad so that I won’t get any poo or pee on it and to also dab her with (after wiping with water), so that there is no moisture in the area before putting her diaper on (or applying Nappy Cream if that is something you do). This is also my exact process of changing her at home.

So, why did I go to all this trouble when travelling with my little one, without simply using disposable baby wipes? Because

  1. a) They are expensive.
  2. b) They leave a film of moisture on baby’s skin that is ideal for the spread of nappy rash.
  3. c) And most importantly, they carry a worrying amount of chemical preservatives in order to be stored safely for longer periods of time (these chemicals are necessary for inhibiting mold growth in the dark, wet environment that they are stored in).

In fact, many infants have been diagnosed with skin allergies to a particular preservative found commonly in almost all brands of baby wipes – methylisothiazolinone (MI). So while I do use baby wipes when I’m out and about with baby or running errands with her, I try and use the simple cotton wool and water combo whenever I can.

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