3 month-old Breastfed Baby Schedule (guide)

At three months old, Ahalya has grown accustom to a somewhat reliable schedule. Some days it all goes according to plan. Other days, especially when she’s going through a growth spurt or a wonder week, it’s a disaster. She even wakes up in the middle of the night for a feed. I haven’t included this feed in the schedule because it doesn’t happen all the time.

So, I thought that I would share my three month old breastfed baby schedule on the blog hoping that it could and would help with your little ones too.

But please remember that it is ONLY a rough baby guide and not something that you should impose on your child and stick to rigorously. Every child is different and will develop their own sleeping and feeding times as they grow. So don’t fret if none of this makes sense.

This particular schedule was baby-led and formed according to the times baby initiated feeding and later developed sleep patterns.

Whichever schedule you have developed for yourself (or not) let it be a little flexible – an hour or so on or off here or there isn’t going to make a difference. A little chaos doesn’t mean you’re doing things wrong. Let your baby tell you when he/she is ready to sleep or feed or play. All that matters is that your sanity remains intact!


5.30-6.30AM – wakes up for her first feed.

I take her to our bed and she stays up for an hour or so (smiling and being cute!) and falls asleep again with me.

9.30-10.30AM – wakes up again to feed.

She will be up and doing a lot of ‘talking’ and rolling over at this time and will look at her cot mobiles and me doing things around the room in utter fascination.

It’s during this time that I will clean the room, boil water for her cleaning bowls, fold her nappies, sort out her bath, restock the changing station etc.

Then, I wash her and change her.

12.30-1.30PM – feed.

She falls asleep again for 45 minutes or so on most days. That’s when I take a shower and eat the first meal of the day. These are wonderful days! Not so much the other days, when I have to keep running in and out of the shower to console her or eat with one hand while holding her in the other if she is fussy.

2.30-3.30PM – feed.

The next half an hour is spent at her play gym followed by a very short nap if I’m lucky!

4.30-5.30PM – feed.

This is when Tummy Time happens. She also loves it when I hold her up and she tries to walk. It’s more the time of day when we do all sorts of physical activities like practice sitting up on our own and rolling over.

6.30-7.30PM – feed.

Sing along time happens after this feed, where I act songs out using her toys and blocks. We sing, clap and have lots of fun.

8.30-9.30PM – feed.

Sponge bath for the night happens now. Afterwards I read an interactive baby book for her before bedtime.

10.30-11.30PM – final feed and off to dream land.

And we do it all over again the next day!

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