Oral Exploration

Is your baby mouthing everything that comes her way? Trust me, you’re not alone! But there is a good reason behind this behavior and it isn’t something that you should prevent or put a stop to immediately.

Oral exploration is a key developmental stage in babies. Putting toys and other household objects in their mouth allows your little one to discover the taste and texture of different objects.

Infant saliva is also full of weak antibacterial properties that play a key role in maintaining oral hygiene in infants. So their drool which coats objects that go into their mouths at least mildly protect against germs.

Even if they don’t, the bacteria and viruses he exposes himself to, when mouthing objects, give the baby’s immune system a chance to fight them off — and makes your baby stronger.

However, be careful of chocking hazards, toxic substances, bugs and electric cords, wires etc. when you let baby explore her surroundings.

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