The Drool & The Bib

The Baby Bib. Yes, I succumbed. While the lanolin nipple cream serves as a great barrier for spit rash, the amount of saliva that dribbles from my baby’s mouth is no match for it. If I am to stop using a barrier cream at some point, then I have to think of preventing the drool hitting her neck and chest in an endless cascade first. That’s where the bibs come in.

At around 3 months of age, your baby will begin to drool. It may seem excessive, wetting their clothes in a matter of minutes, but it is natural and an important part of their growth and development. There are three known reasons for this.

Salvia neutralizes baby’s stomach acid and heals the esophageal lining that may have become irritated from spitting up regularly (in addition, the saliva has special enzymes that will help your baby begin to digest solid food when he starts eating). Drooling also happens when teeth begin traveling through the gum, before they emerge. This, in turn, catalyzes saliva production. Finally, healthcare professionals believe that an infant’s limited ability to coordinate swallowing effectively by holding his neck upright consistently and the absence of the lower row of front teeth to serve as a dam also results in the downward flow of drool.

That is why I have finally given into the #bib. So far it’s serving its purpose well and hopefully no more spit rash episodes in the future!

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