Washing/Bathing your Travelling Infant

My husband and I travel a lot with the little one. So this is my solution to bathing her when we stay at hotels. It works well if you have a big sink in your room. So what I do first is wash the sink with baby soap and hot water. Then I let it soak for about 10 minutes in Dettol mixed with hot water. I finally wash it clean with baby soap once again and start filling it with warm water for baby’s bath. Once the sink is full I lay a thick towel at the bottom so that it serves as a sort of non-slip mat for the baby. Then I lay another towel in front, between the sink and I, so that all the water she splashes won’t fall onto the floor. And then a washcloth goes into the sink and we are ready to go!

I also cover the tap with a folded face towel when washing the little one so that it won’t hurt her if her hand or legs hits the metal. Also remember that even if your baby can hold her neck up somewhat you have to still support her head and weight when washing her like this. The sink can be slippery. Don’t let go of her at any point.

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