4th Month Sleep Regression & Growth Spurt (with a good dose of teething)

At 4.1 weeks my sweet little girl started waking up to feed often at night (like a newborn!) and her day naps became short and few. She was cranky and clingy and was feeding every one and a half hours, again. And even though I’ve read so much about it, in reality it’s an awful, awful development phase!

I’ve read that at 4 weeks baby’s hit another growth spurt and were we going through the 19 week mental leap as well. And when she started chomping down hard on my fingers I knew she was starting to teeth!

All this while solo-parenting is a lot to take. But having had read about it and understanding why she was behaving the way she was really helped go through it in real life.

She is slowly recovering from the continuous feedings and the shorter naps. And she’s definitely less clingy today and not so fussy. But the sleep regression (or progression towards her healthy growth) is not going anywhere anytime soon I guess!

It’s been a tough week and I do hope that things will begin to slowly settle. I know it’s just a normal phase for a baby her age and that this too shall pass… but it’s torturous going through it all the same!

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