A Flu, a Rash, Consultations, Medication and Solo Parenting my way through it all!

The past two weeks have quite honestly been hell. First I caught the flu, again. Then, she caught the flu from me. Her fever was over 101 and a dengue antigen test was recommended by her pead. Thank god it was negative. But the process of drawing blood, drop by drop, with a needle stuck in the hand of a 4.5 month old is an excruciatingly painful experience. And a week of syringes filled with syrups and nose drops with a mom who caught the flu for the second time is obviously not fun for the baby either.

And then we developed another rash on our neck. A paediatric dermatologist was consulted. He told me it was due to the minimum of water during bath time. ‘You have to fill the tub right to the top so that her entire neck is submerged,’ he said, for 15 minutes. ‘But she is only recovering from a terrible cold and flu,’ I said. ‘This is the only way that it will heal’, he told me. This with a special cream, shampoo and ointment, to be used for one whole month.

I sobbed that day in the car on my way home. I was still sick and here I was expected to add this to my tiring solo parenting routine. I missed my husband terribly (he’s been out of the island since early July and will only return in November). But, FINALLY, things are beginning to settle down. She has recovered completely -save the rash which too is healing nicely- and I’m all good too. So, this too has come to an end. And I’m so, so grateful for that!

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