What to Expect at 4 Months Old (Give or Take)

Ahalya is four months old today. She can spend about 15-30 minutes alone, by herself, without a fuss now. That is if she’s fed and full and not too sleepy or cranky. Although she can’t ‘play’ on her own yet, she can entertain herself using some of her toys. Her favorite is to instantly roll over though – whenever she’s left alone. ‘Talking’ is another favorite of hers. She will try to mimic me singing and we have many ‘conversations’ of our own now. She has also started napping at regular times (an hours difference here or there). She takes 3 naps a day – each about an hour long.

She is now able to grasp her soothie and stick it in her mouth or pull it out. She is also able to focus on small objects like a raisin and attempts to pick it up and even succeeded once or twice! And if I sit her up and support her back with my hands, she can hold her neck upright and look around for a good few minutes. I also hold her upright now on one arm, with a hand supporting her back (not neck). I love it when she laughs out loud. It makes me laugh out loud too. She is also beginning to look at and enjoy screen time so I have to be careful not to use my phone, laptop or watch TV while she is up.

I’m sharing all this with you so that you have some idea of what to look forward to when your baby reaches her fourth month. But it’s also important to understand that all babies are individuals and I know that Ahalya reaches some of her development milestones faster than some babies and slower than others. Don’t ever compare how fast your baby is doing things against another child her age. They will do things at their own pace, according to their own preference, in their own time. Enjoy your little one’s every development; don’t worry about some chart you came across or something someone said. If you do have cause for concern, speak to her paediatrician. Don’t assume things on your own or put a lot of pressure on yourself and your child to master skills ahead of their time.

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