Bellamy’s Toothie Pegs Organic Milk Rusks (Review)

As she hits the peak of teething, Ahalya has started chomping down on literally everything. There seems to be a lot of discomfort and maybe even pain as her teeth cut through her gums and she grunts and grinds them together in an effort to relive the sensation.

So, today I tried these teething sticks from Bellamy’s Organic and she was content for quite a while munching on them. Called Toothiepegs Organic Milk Rusks, they seem to help with teething irritability to an extent and offer some relief.

Designed so that your baby can bite down hard without cracking or splintering the rusk, these teething rusks are made from certified organic and natural ingredients (milk, wheat and iron) and contain no added sugar.

It’s suitable for infants who are 6+ months and seems to work best when kept under refrigeration because it then feels cool on baby’s gums. They are available for purchase at the Organic Baby Food Shop at 122, Cotta Road, Borella.

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