IKEA Antilop Highchair/Feeding Chair (Review)

When it was time to start introducing solids to my baby, I took a lot of time deciding on what kind of highchair I would use. Because I was determined that she eat on her high chair at all times – it’s safer, easier and let’s babies take part in household mealtimes which, in turn, helps them develop social and eating skills.

After speaking to a lot of other moms in the community, I decided on the IKEA Antilop Highchair (my husband was in the US so I was able to get it down but you can also order it through QueenCart in Sri Lanka) Firstly it’s easy to take apart and bring along so you can reassemble it when you’re away from home. The safety harness and nonslip seat I thought were an absolute must and this feeding chair provided that. It’s easy to clean because of the smooth surface (and because it’s white I don’t miss any spills and accidents). The heavy steel legs offer a stable solid base that won’t move around or jerk forward when the baby gets a little too active. The raised edge of the feeding tray also prevents spills from ending up on the floor. To clean the chair, I use a wet sponge and wipe it clean with a hand towel after every meal. And best of all, it only cost me approx. 4000 LKR!

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