IKEA Kladd Randig Feeding Bibs (Review)

If you are able to, please, please do yourself a favor and get washable baby feeding bibs (like this one from IKEA) when you start feeding your baby. I’m sure they are available in Sri Lanka or you can purchase it via e-bay too. Ahalya’s Sarasi Nandi got her a set of Kladd Randig Feeding Bibs when she came down and they are absolute lifesavers. Not only do they wash/wipe clean and dry super-fast, it also makes sure you don’t end up adding to the endless pile of baby laundry. And best of all, they don’t get stained with bits of food! So, trust me on this, if you’re a solo parent, stay at home parent or someone who just ends up having to feed and clean the baby all the time, you NEED this.

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