Introducing Potato to Baby

The 7th ingredient I introduced to my little girl’s diet was potato. White potatoes also don’t typically pose an allergy risk so it’s one of the safer foods to introduce to you baby when you start him or her on solids.

However, the nutritional value of regular potatoes is really not very high. They do offer small amounts of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, as well as potassium, but it’ its starch component that the potato is really known for. Carbohydrates account for most of its calories – that is why I thought it’s well suited for my baby who is gaining weight a little slowly. You can choose to wait longer to introduce it into your child’s diet if they are overweight or seem to be gaining weight steadily. It will tend to fill your little one up with empty calories if it isn’t really needed.



NOTE: I used a new clay pot to cook her meals since day 1 and I add the rice and vegetable together to cook her lunch. The fish I cook separately.

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