Introducing Lentil to Baby

So, Day 1 and 2 of Solids with Ahalya were Red Basmati rice and breast milk. Day 3 is the same red rice (without the BM) but with some lentils – all mashed up together. Lentils and other legumes pack lots of lean protein and fibre essential for baby’s growth and a healthy digestive system.

I use this masher that I bought from Mothercare Sri Lanka for now. It can be used to breakdown soft foods without purée-ing it. It also comes with a bowl lined with a linear texture that helps with the mashing and a lid that works as a non-slip holder for the bowl.



UPDATE: I later had to stop using this masher because it was unable to break down the texture of fish and took too long. I later used a blender instead and pulsed her food (without mashing it).

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