Do you Know What is in the Cereal that you’re Offering Baby?

I wanted to introduce Ahalya to a baby cereal and the Cerelac 6months + was recommended by many. So I bought a pack and when I went through the list of ingredients, I found that it clearly states that there is sugar in the mix. And I am actively trying to avoid giving my infant sugar for as long as I can (by sugar I mean sugar that has been refined by many chemical processes which may be harmful to children, and not the sweetness found in natural fruit etc).

The consumption of sugar is linked to cavities and tooth decay in babies whose teeth are starting to come out. An excess of sugar is also proven to deteriorate the immunity of a baby and research has shown that children fed with a high sugar diet were prone to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity later on in life.

The Cerelac cereal also contains Maltodextrin, a polysaccharide that is used as a foodadditive. It is commonly used for the production of soft drinks and candy and can also be found as an ingredient in a variety of other processed foods. Although it is considered a ‘safe’ food additive by some, I wasn’t comfortable offering my baby something that is has a glycemic index that is high enough to cause spikes in blood sugar.

The pack also mentions nature-identical vanilla flavour which is another synthetic flavour agent that I feel is better avoided in baby’s food.



DISCLAIMER: I am not an authority on baby food and I am in no way dismissing this product. It is a personal choice that I have made regarding my baby’s food/nutrition. And I am only sharing my view and experience with you.

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