Introducing Coconut Milk to Baby

I added coconut milk to her lunch. This I chose as the 15th ingredient Ahalya was introduced to. It was just 2 tablespoons or so and she didn’t seem to mind. This was also suggested to me by the midwife because, once again, I was worried about her weight.
So I looked into why coconut milk was a good source of fat for the baby and here’s what I found out – Recent research has revealed that the fat found in the meat of coconuts is very high in lauric acid which also happens to be the main fatty acid that is found in breast milk. Lauric acid is what makes breast milk so digestible and is believed to protect the body from infections and assists in boosting the immune system.
Coconuts are packed with nutrients and are also credited with offering your little ones B vitamins, protein, zinc, phosphorus and iron.

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