Introducing Rice Cereal to Baby

I wanted to start Ahalya on a baby cereal so that there is a meal option always ready-to-go; especially on days that are a complete rush, for when I’m ill or we are out and about, away from home. And the local market is sadly lacking in chemical-free, clean baby food products with nothing ‘weird’ or unrecognizable in terms of ingredients featured.

That’s when I found Organix , an organic baby food brand that features simple, natural ingredients that are designed for separate infant age groups. Rice Cereal was the 12th ingredient or food Ahalya consumed.

I bought the Organix Baby Rice (6months+) and it is made with just a single ingredient – Rice Flour (enriched with vitamin B1). So it’s soft and fluffy and my baby loves it. The flavour is bland, almost non-existent but baby’s don’t really need salt or sugar or even spices to want to eat solids. The only thing they have tasted so far is breast milk or formula.

Sometime after six months, however, babies will gradually begin to need more iron and zinc than what is provided by breast milk alone – at that point, additional nutrients can be obtained from small amounts of solids. That is why babies primarily begin eating at 6 months. And their preferences are based on texture and lack of strong flavour rather than taste. So, the Organix Rice Cereal was a great option for us.

It’s available at Bambino down Galle Road and the Organic Baby Food Shop on Cotta Road.

However, the negative side to this brand of cereal is that it is three times more expensive than local brands such as Cerelac and contains less than half their quantity in each pack. So, if you do opt to offer it to your little one regularly, your baby food budget will take quite a hit, so you might need to revisit your options. But because I plan to use it only occasionally, it works really well for me.

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