My 6 Month-old Baby

Ahalya turned 6 months a week or so ago and because so many parents look forward to that milestone, I thought I’d share my experience with you.
She can now sit by herself for a minute or two without support. She rolls over so much that she once fell off the bed (it was then that I also realized that she can also kick pillows out of her way). By 6 months of age she could also stand with support and laugh out loud many times a day.
She can entertain herself with a toy for quite sometime now and she can sooth herself to sleep too. But she will still cry for me if she seems me around. Generally it takes 5-10 minutes of crying/fussing before she dozes off on her own. But i can’t be seen around at this point.
She will also splash around and play more in her tub. She is beginning to have her favorite toys now. She makes a number of noises but no coherent words yet.
If I extend my arms at her (when she is being carried by someone else), she will lean forward and happily make towards my arms.
She smiles a lot more often now and recognizes more people. She started consistently napping 3-4 hours a day at 6 months (after breakfast and lunch) and will sleep for longer at night (although she would still wake up occasionally, but a few gentle pats, caressing her head, the soothie or something other than the breast or a feed will help her go back to sleep). Her drooling has reduced significantly since she started solids. And now, while holding my hands, she’ll go from lying down to sitting, then standing in a single move (but I also have to help with a slight pulling motion). And that is 6-month-old Ahalya in a nutshell.

NOTE: But remember that all children reach milestones at different paces and achieve various stages of development on their own time. Ahalya is the same. Don’t ever compare your child with someone else’s. If your are concerned about your child’s mental/physical development, speak to a medical professional/specialist and not other lay people who will (with the best of intentions) give you misleading and, often, damaging advice.

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