6 month-old Breastfed Baby Schedule (guide)

Like I posted a 3 month-old baby schedule a while ago, I thought I’d share my 6 month-old schedule with all you mommas and dads in hopes that it will help you have an idea or what to look forward to or have a very tough guide that you could follow.
But keep in mind I’m a stay at home mom (who freelances from home) so I have the flexibility and luxury of planning my day around bub’s needs. And this shouldn’t be taken as a set of rules, but more like a rough guide that will help you if need be.
Some days her schedule ticks like clockwork. Other days, it’s all over the place – so I adjust and go along with things because she too is an individual who has her good days and those terrible ones, the way I do.
So once again, I can’t stress enough on this being ONLY a basic baby guide and not something that you should impose on your child and stick to rigorously.
Every child is different and will develop their own sleeping, napping and feeding times as they grow. So don’t fret if none of this makes sense.
This particular schedule (refer next post) is baby-led and formed according to the times baby initiated napping and sleeping patterns. I did however introduce set feeding times that she accustomed to well and is now used to and expects on time (it is also important to remember that I have included 3 meals starting 6.5 months because she is a slow weight-gainer and it was recommended by her pead and midwife).
So, whichever schedule you have developed for yourself (or not) let it be a little flexible – an hour or so, on or off here or there isn’t going to make a difference. A little chaos doesn’t mean you’re doing things wrong. Let your baby tell you when he/she is ready to sleep or feed or play.
All that matters is that your sanity remains intact!


4.30-5.30AM – wakes up for her first feed of the day. I take her out of her cot and onto our bed and feed her. She falls right back to sleep and so do I.

7.30-8.30AM – wakes up again to feed.
She won’t go back to sleep at this point and I keep her back in the cot with lots of toys to go and prepare her breakfast and boil water for her to sip on (usually after meals).

9.30-10.30AM – has her breakfast.
She loves her oats so, this usually consists of oats and mashed legumes or fruit pulp. Afterwards I wash her face, chest and anywhere else she has food stuck on and put her in the cot. It is then that I wipe clean her high hair, wash her bib and clean any remaining cooking utensils and her feeding bowl, spoon etc.

11.00-11.30AM – first nap of the day.
By the time I come back to the room she has self-soothed (after a bit of crying and fussing) and has started to doze off. She will now sleep between 1-1.5 hours at a stretch.
It’s during this time that I will eat my first meal of the day, clean the room, boil water for her cleaning bowls, do laundry, restock her changing tray etc.



1.30-2.30PM – has her lunch.
It’s usually a mix of red rice, lentil, potato/yam, leafy green, green vege, coconut milk and poultry/fish purée. Afterwards I wash her face, chest and anywhere else she has food stuck on again and leave her on her tummy on the floor when I clean everything and clear the kitchen again. She also has her play-mat from where she can see me so I’m able to shower while she has more tummy time.

3.30-4.30PM – feed followed by second and final nap of the day.
I keep her in her cot and have my lunch next to her (has daily-help cooking lunch at home now). I then feed her and she falls asleep in a little while and will sleep for 1-1.5 hours at a stretch, again, depending on how much she slept after breakfast (she combine naps for 2 hours and no more than 3 hours a day).

5.30-6.30PM – feed, dinner prep, play time.
I feed her. Sing along time, reading and play time happens then. She loves it when I hold her up and she tries to walk. It’s more the time of day when we do all sorts of physical activities like practice sitting up on our own, standing and a lot of rolling over. It’s also the time when I prepare her dinner.

6.30-7.00PM – has her dinner.
She likes her spinach, chicken and potato soup or I serve her potato mash and butter, carrot and vegetable purée, a mix of other veges or chicken and yams for now (starting at 6.5 months).

7.00-8.00PM – wash, bedtime story and off to bed.
I clean her feeding chair one last time, wash her bib, clear the room and clean her cooking, feeding equipment while she’s enjoying her play-gym time. I also get her bath ready now. We take a wash and get ready for bed. Afterwords I read her an interactive book before bedtime. We have our final feed and nod off to dream land.
Once she is asleep I take a shower and work for a few hours, have my dinner, stay up watching something, reading or have some quiet me time for about an hour or so and doze off around 1.30AM
And we do it all over again the next day!

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