Introducing Lime to Baby

I added a few drops of lime into Ahalya’s papaya today (it is advised to wait until babies are over 12 months to introduce citrus fruits as it can cause allergies and rashes in some infants, but I decided to introduce very little to my baby’s diet) and I think it worked well in terms of making it less sweet and more palatable for my little one.
This was her 23rd ingredient to try. An excellent source of Vitamin C, Limes are also know as a remedy for digestive issues, cure for diarrhea, an aid in combating oral diseases, a component that strengthens the immune system and a great remedy for the common cold.


NOTE: But it is recommended that lime juice must be introduced much later to a baby (8 months or so) and it must not be given directly. Always dilute it with water or other baby food before offering very little during their first few months of solids as they can cause allergies in babies.

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