Introducing Spinach to Baby

Ahalya had Spinach as the 24th ingredient. I used in her dinner of potato, chicken and spinach soup.
I puréed boiled potato and heated it with a little water to form a base. To this, I added boiled organic chicken and spinach leaves and brought it to a gentle simmer. I took it off the heat and puréed the soup leaving tiny shreds of chicken and spinach still intact.
And… She loved it!
Spinach is a leafy green that packs a lot of nutrients and is a great source of Calcium (1 cup of cooked spinach gives you 42 mg of calcium). It also contains Vitamin A, iron Selenium and lots of minerals.
Spinach is known to act as natural laxative and contains good amounts of anti-microbial elements which heal urinary infections that are common with babies. It also serves as a remedy for gastric disorders and protects the liver.
In addition, regular intake of spinach ensures the removal of intestinal pests and worms, and will aid in keeping your little one hydrated.

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