How to offer Vitamin Drops to Baby – and actually Succeed!

If you have a little baby like mine, chances are he or she would spurt out her vitamin/medicine drops whenever you have to give it to him/her. It didn’t matter if I was using a dropper or a syringe, some days it all went to waste – out the liquid oozed as soon as I had given her the dose. But about three months ago, by chance, I figured out that if I directed the syrupy liquid to the rear corner of her mouth (where the tongue meets the base of the mouth, where the corner most teeth are), Ahalya would swallow it without a fuss – or a choice I suppose. I wanted to figure out if this was a phase or if it was safe before sharing it with you and no, it isn’t a phase – it just works, every single time! And no gagging or chocking either!

Later, my mom told me that this was how the vet recommends giving meds to our doggies too!

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