Introducing Mandarin to Baby

Ahalya suck on a deseeded mandarin wedge for a few seconds today. That was her 33rd ingredient to try.
Mandarins are rich in minerals and vitamins that are extremely beneficial for indigestion or dyspepsia that is common among babies. They can also help improve their digestive system. Feeding pulpy citrus fruits will also reduce the chances of constipation in the future too.
Fresh mandarin juice diluted with water will also help in dealing with diarrhea.
Rickets that grow due to the lack of phosphate and calcium can also be remedied with fruits such as mandarins and oranges. They are effective in treating the common cold and cough and protects your baby against secondary infections. The fruit further helps build immunity and aids in recovering from many other diseases.


It was only because I tried lime before and there was no reaction to it that I decided to give this citrus fruit a go. It is advised to wait until babies are over 12 months to introduce citrus fruits as it can cause allergies and rashes in some infants.

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