Introducing Mango to Baby

I offered Ahalya puréed mango with banana for a her 25th ingredient. That was her breakfast today. I’m beginning to realize slowly that she doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth (well at least for now!) So she did have her mango but didn’t enjoy it as much as her non-sweet favourites.
Mangoes are low in fat, low in calories but very high in fiber. You will also find lots of Vitamin C and Vitamin B in them as well as iron, potassium and protein.

Some of the health benefits from mangoes in baby food include protecting eyesight, fighting microbial infections, being easily digestible, strengthening immunity and improving brain development.

Mangos are also loaded with Vitamin A and contain a higher level of carotenoids than almost any other fruit. These carotenoids are said to reduce the risk of cancer as well as heart disease. Carotenoids are also thought to be successful in warding off the common cold.

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