Introducing Mukunuwenna (Alternanthera Sessilis) to Baby

Ahalya tried Mukunuwenna leaves as her 31st ingredient for the first time at lunch today. And I used its tender shoots from my fathers herb garden at home.
And I also offered her Rathu Kekulu rice instead of red Basmati and she really liked it (I suppose the grain of the Basmati is somewhat harder and not as soft as that of the Kekulu).
Mukunuwenna, scientifically known as Alternanthera Sessilis is considered to have immense health benfits for your baby’s eyes, hair and skin. Its young shoots are nutritious and contain carotenoids, triterpene, saponins and flavonoids. A cooling herb with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, it’s also credited as being an anti-ulcerative today. In addition, Mukunuwenna leaves are said to neutralize excessive acidity in the human body and help remedy skin conditions such as scabies and eczema while promoting healthier skin.

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